Consistency Challenge


⭐That is a savings of ONE MONTH!⭐
No this is not a TRICK just a little TREAT🦇
💜It just keeps getting better....we will be running an 8 week CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE which will kick off October 30th! PRIZES UP FOR GRABS!
Are you ready to become part of the #embraceitribe ?
A challenge can mean many different things for many different people, you may use these 8 weeks to lose weight, build muscle, find consistency or you may need a complete lifestyle change + want to change some habits..... all of which can be achieved in our 8 week challenge! The main point? BE CONSISTENT!!
📝Points will be awarded for attendance of regular scheduled classes, gym access, karma classes, attending events and completing random weekly challenges/tasks!
What's included ⬇️⬇️⬇️
• Embrace It Fitness Swag Welcome Package
• Access to Gym + ALL Classes (depending on membership)
• Random mini challenges/tasks to complete weekly
• Nutrition Advice + a Nutrition Recipe Book
• Seminar explaining how to use My Fitness Pal to help track calories/macros
• Bragging rights for being consistent (everyone is a winner here!)
• An opportunity to win PRIZES
Tribe Leader - Most Consistent - $500 CASH + 1 month Unlimited Membership
3 Runner-Ups - 1 Month Unlimited Memberships
What do you got to lose? 😅