Full Moon Night

Join Sam in our first ever Full Moon Night at the Studio!

Traditionally the Moon represents femininity and the Full and New Moons were times for women to gather, connect, and reaffirm the power the divine feminine holds. Todays society is modelled after masculine energy, and while we all have both masculine and feminine aspects and energy, the Devine feminine is something most women have rarely experienced. We are designed to function best when we allow ourselves to be present in that big swirling energy, with like-minded women, to connect, let down our walls, and recharge. According to the lunar calendar this is the first full moon of the year and is the time to show up and step into the coming year as the version of you you want to. It is a time to set intentions and lay the foundations for what is to come.

The night begins with intention setting and centering followed by a purposeful movement practice that is suitable for all levels. Practice will be a mix of medium intensity vinyasa flow along with some longer held restorative postures. Class concludes with a longer guided Nidra style meditation and then time to journal about your thoughts and the guided questions provided. The remainder of the evening is about connection. Time to learn about the moon, yourself, and each other. Come and celebrate all that being a woman has to offer, make new connections, step outside your comfort zone, and see the potential within yourself to expand even more in ways you never knew were available.