Kids Zone

The kids zone is an unsupervised environment in which kids must be able to sit quietly and be self-entertained without the need for parent intervention. Feel free to bring books, washable crayons/markers, homework, puzzles, handheld gaming systems or tablets (with headphones), or other quiet activities for your kids. There are some toys available for play. Maximum 1 hour allowed for your child in the kids zone to allow others to use the area.

Kids Zone Rules

Children are NEVER allowed to play on gym equipment before or during a workout. Treadmill, spin bike, dumbbells, barbells, bosu balls, stability balls, medicine balls etc. are all off limits to kids. We need to ensure the safety of all kids whilst in the gym.  

Snacks are not permitted in the kids zone. Only drinks in “no-spill” containers will be allowed (water preferred).

It is your responsibility to see that your child has cleaned up after themselves. If you bring your child to use the kids zone, please ensure the kids area is cleaned up afterwards as it was when you arrived. Any toys used from your child must be washed down and put away appropriately. 

Children are expected to behave appropriately according to their age group. If a child is disrespectful, abusive to another child or destructive in any way it will be addressed both with the child and the parent. This is not being meant as a disrespect but more of a reminder to the children and the parents that proper behavior will be enforced. We still love you regardless.

If your child is being very loud or disruptive during your workout it is your responsibility to take care of whatever the issue is. We understand kids will be kids, but if your child is constantly screaming, getting out of the kids room, etc. it is your responsibility to stop mid exercise and take care of your child. If personal training with a trainer, it is possible that the trainer will help in some situations,  but their responsibility is training and the safety of the members working out. This is especially true when we are teaching movements. If you are having a hard time hearing because your child is being loud it probably means everyone else is having a hard time hearing too. Please take the time and take care of your child, doing so in a way that is not equally disruptive.

For the safety of everyone involved, parents are asked not to bring sick children to the studio. The following standards will be enforced to ensure that all children and staff are protected from communicable diseases.

Children with the following symptoms will NOT be allowed in the kids room:
• Productive cough
• Unidentified rash
• Fever any grade
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Pink eye
• Bad cold
• Reddened sore throat

Children must be symptom free for 24 hours after symptoms cease. If your child does not attend school due to an illness, they should not be brought with you to the studio.  We want to welcome everyone to our our studio and want to have some ground rules to make sure that every time anyone comes it is an enjoyable experience no matter who they are.