Studio Etiquette + Policies


  • Wear appropriate attire + dry, clean footwear. No bare feet or sandals.
  • Ask Embrace It Fitness Staff Member (if on site) for assistance when using an unfamiliar machine or when performing a new exercise.
  • Exercise at your own fitness level.
  • Use of safety clamps on free weight weights is mandatory.
  • Always use a spotter when performing maximum lifts.
  • Use machines with proper intent
  • Youth + Children 12-16 years of age are welcome to work out on the Open Gym floor with a parent or legal guardian supervision. Some classes may accommodate younger ages, please see the class description.
  • Be aware of the floor, people + space around you.
  • Report any equipment repair or wear that may be an issue, as well as report any hazards to any Embrace It Fitness Staff Member.

  • Refrain from resting + socializing on all equipment + weight machines.

  • Be considerate and allow others to “work in” with you on machines between sets.

  • If “super setting” between two pieces of equipment, it may be unrealistic to
    expect exclusive use of two machines at once.

  • Avoid banging weight stacks and dropping free weights on the floor.

  • Kindly return all equipment to the appropriate storage rack after use.

  • Respect other Members’ experience by monitoring your language, voice
    levels + personal hygiene.

  • Refer incidents of inappropriate behavior or language to Embrace It Fitness Staff Members.

  • When taking photos or videos be mindful of who is in the frame.

  • Be mindful of monopolizing unique pieces of equipment for up to 30 minutes, this will ensure all members are able to enjoy the machine.

  • Recognize all common areas are multi-use + for the enjoyment of all

  • Use cleaning spray bottles + rag provided to wipe down equipment before + after your use.
  • No eating on the gym floor


Open Gym Use + Classes Policies

  • All Members must check in when entering the studio at the tablet check-in station.

  • All Members are automatically subscribed to receive emails from Embrace It Fitness to stay informed. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may unsubscribe at any time.
  • Please refer to Social media + the Pushpress app will have the most up to date information of any cancellations, etc.
Members are welcome to use the shelving provided in the entrance for their belongings. These are NOT lockers. All belongings must be removed upon exiting the facility. Embrace It Fitness is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Any unclaimed items within 7 days will be donated to a local charity.


We define cancellation fees further on your contract. However, 30 days notice ahead of your next billing date is required for all membership cancellations.


Personal Training Policy

Please refer to your contract with your Trainer.