Mommy + Me Fitness at the Beach

Mommy + Me Fitness at the Beach

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Connect with your Body. Connect with your Baby. Connect with other Moms.

A Fitness Class Designed Specially for Moms + Babies! 

This class is designed to help you re-energize, tone muscle and lose baby inches while considering the needs of a postpartum and/or breastfeeding mother. In weeks you'll have more energy, more flexibility, and feel lean, strong and confident. And you get to have FUN with your baby while doing it... in the sand!

February 7 for 6 weeks
*There is no Class on Feb. 21*

  • Mondays & Wednesdays 10am-11am

Location : The Sandzone in Grande Prairie (8202-84th St.)
Instructor: Whitney Atkinson

Class Description: 

A class for moms of all fitness levels! This one hour class will focus on interval training with the use of your own body weight and/or your baby's body weight! Following a brief warm up, we’ll perform lunges, squats, and arm + leg strengthening exercises, with brief cardio segments in between. Class can be modified to suit all ability levels. Sweat, test your own strength and feel great! All exercises and circuits will have the option to have baby in or out of the stroller/car seat. 

Ages 6 weeks+ and cleared by your doctor. Toddlers allowed - there will be lots of sand + toys they can play with on the side!